Baby Massage Courses

The next Baby Massage courses will be-

Tuesday 21st September 2021 at The Knowle, Leighton Rd, BS4

The course will cover all the benefits of Massage, what oils are safe to use on baby and the possible outcomes you can expect to see.

Some of the possible advantages for both you and baby are listed below:

For your baby

  1. It can help your baby to feel securely attached
  2. It can help your baby to feel more loved, valued and respected
  3. It can reduced crying and emotional distress
  4. It can increased levels of relaxation and longer sleep
  5. It can help with development of body awareness and coordination 
  6. It can relief wind, colic, constipation and teething discomfort

For you

  1. Can help you Feel closer to your baby 
  2. Can help you gain a deeper understanding of your baby’s behaviour – crying and body language
  3. Can help you provide an enjoyable opportunity spending one-to-one time with your baby 
  4. Can help you feeling the relaxing effects of giving your baby a massage 
  5. Can help you increased confidence in your ability to care for and nurture your baby 
  6. Can help you learning a life-long parenting skill

The cost of the course is £40 this includes oils and a hand-out, which explains all the movements.

If you require anymore details or with to book, please email or call on 07525194486